Defend Eligible Incarcerated Voters #Right2Vote

Getting prisoners to the polls in every state where eligible incarcerated citizens aren’t supported in participating in their local or statewide elections

VbMiJ – who we are, what we do, and why.

We intend to increase the number of eligible incarcerated voters who participate in their elections by partnering with grassroots organizers, advocates, prison, jail and detention facility staff who aim to civically engage eligible voters in custody. In service of our partners we host ongoing monthly trainings to address partner questions and review any new legislation that could impact jailed voters. We also provide at no cost to voters registration paperwork, absentee ballot request applications and nonpartisan voter guides specifically for jailed voters that includes post release instructions to make sure all voters know how to follow up on their registration if released prior to Election day.

What we do

Defend the rights of incarcerated voters

Mail timely updates & deadline reminders

Provide free, nonpartisan voter education materials

Post release support to obtain state ID

Enroll An Incarcerated Voter

Defend Eligible Incarcerated Voters #Right2Vote