Full Archive Accessor

This paid membership provides access to archive library files, specifically those that aren’t featured in the showcase, without expiration. Folders included for viewing include:

  1. Gratitude + Testimonials: handwritten letters including personal narratives from readers about their experience with being subscribed to SawariMedia or recently coming in contact with the Right2Vote Report
  2. Individual Case Claims + Complaints: handwritten letters as well as typed full case briefs as describing instances of judicial misconduct, facility staff misconduct, innocence and appeals claims. This folder may be particularly interesting for legal professionals and legal research.  
  3. Mailroom Restrictions: handwritten letters and forms generated by facility staff relating to mail rejected by mailroom staff from being received by the intended incarcerated recipients. These inclusions highlight the gross authority over prisoner communications and access to outside information for people confined in human warehousing 
  4. OpEd Articles: typed opinion and research articles authored by incarcerated contributors, many of which have been printed within previously published newsletters
  5. Proposed Legislation + Reforms: Solutions for lawmakers drafted and/or supported by our readers. This folder may be particularly interesting for lawmakers, lobbyists, advocates, representatives and their staff
  6. Showcase Selections: Pieces pulled from the larger archive for select feature in honor of Black August  

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