Ever Seen a Prison Store Order Form?

The place in prison to purchase Earbuds, Advil, Soap, Shower Shoes and more…

Watch Amani Order from Commissary for Mailroom Monday

Ever wonder what people in prison are forced to buy while behind the wall? Here’s a commissary order form from, let’s fill it out together 🙂 and IF my math ain’t math-ing for you, at least you’re paying attention

What do the earbuds plug up to, though?

Commenter Question

People in prison have the ability to visit the “day room” where there are kiosk computers. Kiosk use is timed for each individual to send messages, listen to music and other types of audio for a limit of fifteen minutes at a time. The shared computers for public prisoner use are floor to wall machines. In order to aviod time restrictions, in some states a person and prison can buy a tablet for as much as $45 from jpay and buy music $.99/song at the kiosk to listen to throughout the day too.

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